Toast Accounting is a professional bookkeeping company servicing Canadian clients in the small and medium business space. 
The primary challenge for Toast accounting was to create a professional looking website to better serve its users and help the business generate leads.  It's existing site had been created by the owner and suffered from outdated design, poor usability and engagement, no way to capture and qualify leads, lack of multi language support (A must in Quebec) and a high bounce rate due to its poor presentation. 

Redesign the Toast Accounting website to make it a more informed, polished and seamless user experience. The most important business objective being to capture user info and qualify potential leads for the owner.  The project would include a full rebrand of the site and the creation of several new pages to better inform potential clients about service offerings.  An onboarding system was implemented to manage lead generation. A tax calculator page was subsequently added to increase engagement and drive traffic through organic search and SEO.
Qualified lead generation was the most crucial aspect of the redesign. This would allow the business to capture user info before moving further and make for a seamless interaction at first point of contact. This saved both time and money and was instrumental in helping the business grow.
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