MyLinkDrop is a link in bio tool used to help creators monetize their traffic across all socials.  
Create a platform that would allow users to monetize their traffic through the use of sponsored links in a customizable profile page. The user would have access to a private dashboard with in-depth analytics and the option to choose and optimize the offerings on their profiles.

Design Process
The design process began with a competitive analysis of the other market players to see what was being offered in the link in bio space. Interviews were done with potential end users to determine their needs and wants and to gather insights.
The next step was to sit down with the primary stakeholder and product manager to brainstorm and generate concepts. This involved sketching ideas and determining what pages would be necessary and the essential features of each. After the initial sketching phase, a prototype was created and tested with end users. One of the key insights determined through testing was the need for quick access to relevant data about performance and revenue. Users wanted to have the ability to manage their own personal links as well as sponsored offers. Another key feature as requested by users was to have access to simple payout options via Paypal and cryptocurrency.  A tipping feature via crypto was also requested and subsequently integrated as an option on user profile pages.
One of the most important features determined through usability testing was to implement the use of an auto-manage feature to facilitate the experience for users not interested in actively managing their own links. Via the auto option, the sponsored links would be automatically assigned to profiles based on overall engagement and profitability metrics.
Once the design was thoroughly validated, tested, and all requested features included, the hand off to engineering was done. Effective communication and collaboration between design, the primary stakeholder, engineers, marketers, and product managers was essential to ensure that the final product met both user needs and business goals.

Initial Sketches
Landing and profile page
The Dashboard / Members area
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